Atomic Level Fragmentation

AlixLabs is an innovative startup enabling the semiconductor industry to scale down in a cost effective manner

Enabled by moore's law

Our convenient way of living would not be possible without modern electronic devices. Current information & communication technology, industry, medicine and biotechnology are enabled by the immense progress in semiconductor electronic technology, which is based on the long-lasting trend of continuous miniaturization. This allows for a higher level of device integration - reducing costs, increasing speed, lowering energy consumption of devices and allowing more advanced functionalities. 

Pushing the limit

Today's characteristic size of advanced semiconductor devices, i.e. electronic components such as transistors, is already below 20 nm, which corresponds to less than 40 silicon atoms. This is why further scaling of semiconductor nano devices requires atomic level precision processing. Fabrication of nanostructures with lateral size below 20 nm cannot be easily achieved with present processes because of technical and economic reasons. 

What if...

there was an ALE based method of manufacturing nanostructures with a characteristic size below 20 nm, without the use of any advanced nano-patterning? What if this also enabled nanostructure fabrication in a simple, economical and gentle way relying only on changes in processing steps and parameters?

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