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Published November 1, 2021

Breaking through the Crisis – Startups: While the world is dealing with the semiconductor shortage, startups are gearing up to fill in the gap with their innovative offerings to ensure that crisis doesn’t last long. In this interview, the co-founder and CEO of AlixLabs, Dr. Jonas Sundqvist discusses about what led us to this crisis, how to fix it and what role startups have in ensuring interrupted supply of silicon. He also discusses about what next when this crisis is fixed? Is there another crisis that may arise?

Published November 1, 2021

Today we are very happy to announce that we are moving to our new office at ProNano in Lund, Sweden.

ProNano of RISE is a digital innovation hub that aims to support Swedish businesses with digital transformation, using nanotechnology and GaN materials.

LINK to ProNano

Published October 12, 2021

The company is now pleased to announce the first granted patent in Taiwan. Taiwan is one of the most important markets for leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing and hence crucial for AlixLabs to protect its innovative APS process by IP. The Taiwanese semiconductor industry, including IC manufacturing, design, and packing, forms a significant part of Taiwan's IT industry. Due to its strong capabilities in fab wafer manufacturing and a complete industry supply chain, Taiwan has distinguished itself from its competitors and dominate the global marketplace. Taiwan is the unmatched leader of the worldwide semiconductor industry, with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) alone accounting for more than 50% of the global market. In 2020, the sector accounted for US$115 billion in output.

Press release in English : LINK (Cision)

Published September 24, 2021

Almi Invest is investing close to SEK 3 million in AlixLabs, which is developing a new method for manufacturing semiconductor components cheaper and faster. Private investors, including NHL professionals Michael, Alexander and William Nylander , are also participating in the issue of a total of SEK 9 million . The money will be used for product development and validation of the technology.

Almi Invest invests in the semiconductor company AlixLabs : LINK (Swedish machine translated)

Press release in English : LINK (Cision)

Published September 24, 2021

Lundbaserade Alix Labs utvecklar en ny metod för att tillverka halvledarkomponenter billigare och snabbare.

”Biltillverkningen släpar efter”, säger Jonas Sundqvist, vd på Alix Labs.

Skånsk teknik ska lösa halvledarkrisen : LINK (Dagens Industri, Swedish)

Published September 24, 2021

We are very happy to announce that AlixLabs is expanding the Team in Lund, Sweden, with Dr Reza Jafari Jam as Principal Researcher in October!

Reza has specialized in the area of nanofabrication and characterization of III-V semiconductors for photonics and energy applications, with more than 9 years of experience in research and lab supervision.

He has a PhD in Nanotechnology and MSc in Photonics Engineering from The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University at Lund University

• Deep etching of metals, semiconductors and dielectrics.

• Growth of III-V NWs on (001) substrates.

• Substrate re-use to reduce the fabrication cost of III-V NW based solar cells.

• Simulation of NW based devices.


Published June 29, 2021

AlixLabs appears in Elektroniktidningen June issue - Read more in pages 3 and 4

Published April 30, 2021

The US Patent Office has approved AlixLabs’s patent application for nanofabrication by ALE Pitch Splitting (APS) - Press release here

Published March 18, 2021

Yesterday on St Patrick Day 2021 we remembered our trip to Dublin 2016 and launching our proprietary technology, APS - ALE Pitch Splitting, for the first time to a bigger audience at ALD/ALE Ireland 2016. Since then a lot of things has happened at AlixLabs AB in Lund, Sweden - please read the story here

Published January 20, 2021

An opportunity for a really interesting Master Thesis. Get in touch here!

210115_M.Sc student flyer_DS.pdf

Published June 2, 2020

AlixLabs signs agreement to use the lab facilities of Sweden’s largest research environment for nanoscience and nanotechnology.

NanoLund, founded in 1988, is the Center for Nanoscience at Lund University and a Strategic Research Area funded by the Swedish government. Encompassing 55 research groups in the faculties of engineering, science and medicine, more than 130 PhD students.

Published June 1, 2020

AlixLabs moves into Ideon Science Park

Published May 15, 2020

AlixLabs ramps up activities and employs Dr. Mohammad Karimi as Principal Scientist.

Mohammad Karimi received his PhD in Physics from Lund University in 2020, where he worked on design, nano-fabrication and characterization of novel optoelectronic devices based on semiconductor nanowires. Dr. Karimi has authored and co-authored more than 20 journal publications and conference presentations in the field of solid-state physics and III-V semiconductor devices.

Also here in Bald Engineering's Blog

Published October 24, 2019

AlixLabs receives Vinnova grant for "Innovative startups" 93 startup-bolag får dela på 28 miljoner | Vinnova

Published September 27, 2019

LU Holding investerar i nystartade AlixLabs, som utvecklat en metod att på ett mycket kostnadseffektivt sätt tillverka elektroniska kretsar för halvledarindustrin.

Meet us in bellevue

Published May 29, 2019

We will be in the conference for the full duration, more than happy to invite you for a coffee and a discussion on opportunities, please contact us

Published May 22, 2018

From ACS Applied Nano Materials 2018, 1, 6, 2476-2482, High-Definition Nanoimprint Stamp Fabrication by Atomic Layer


Published August 18, 2017

From Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 35, 060603 (2017) , Atomic layer etching of gallium nitride (0001)

Published June 25, 2016

Dr Suyatin @ ALD 2016 in Dublin, Irland Longitudinal nanowire splitting by atomic layer etching