Our team

Jonas Sundqvist AlixLabs

Dr. Jonas Sundqvist

Co-founder and CEO

Jonas Sundqvist received his PhD in inorganic chemistry from Uppsala University,  in 2003 where he developed ALD and CVD processes for metal oxide ALD and CVD processes using metal iodides. Dr. Sundqvist has over 10 years experience, holds 10 patents and authored or co-authored more than 20 publications in the fields of ALD and CVD process development. 
Dmitry Suyatin AlixLabs

Dr. Dmitry Suyatin

Co-founder and CTO

Dmitry Suyatin received a Licentiate degree in engineering from Lund University in 2007 and a PhD degree in physics and mathematics from Moscow State University in 2009 for technology and studies of electron transport in semiconductor nanowires. Dr. Suyatin has over 15 years of interdisciplinary experience in advanced processing of nanostructures and authored more than 30 publications in the fields of physics and nanotechnology. 

Cajsa Wramdemark


A business-driven woman with a degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics and have long international experience, including IPO processes. Strategic thinking and focused on finding solutions and improvements for AlixLabs. Works across cultural and organizational boundaries in Finance as well as HR.

Dr. Reza Jafari Jam

Research Director

Specialized in the area of nanofabrication and characterization of III-V semiconductors for photonics and energy applications, with more than 10 years of experience in research and lab supervision.  

Yoana Ilarionova

Researcher & Process Engineer

Specialized in the area of nanofabrication, modelling and Atomic Layer Etching. Yoana has a MSc in Physics from Lund University 

Asif Hasan

Principal Researcher

PhD and experince include Nanotechnology like nanofabrication and advanced methods of nanomaterial-based intracellular electrochemical biosensors and high-resolution pattern transfer lithography e.g. Nanoimprint, electron beam lithography, Reactive ion etching, and Atomic layer etching 

Stefan Svedberg

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

Stefan Svedberg has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University. Stefan has 30+ years of tech industry experience in various leading positions. He was one of the driving pioneers of the Bluetooth technology and held a Board of Directors position for the Bluetooth SIG in it's first decade.

Dr. Anna Gisselsson

Board Member

Life science investment manager with background in R&D, company start up, project management, business development and internationalization.

Gary Miner

Board Member

VP & GM Alliances at Applied Materials. Previously CTO of the Front End Product Group at Applied Materials. He was one of the primary engineers at G-Squared Semiconductor that provided in-situ steam generation rapid thermal annealing technology to Applied Materials  

Dominic Davies

Board Member

Intellectual Property and Business Strategy Consultant Head of IP at FlatFrog Laboratories AB and partner at Event Horizon IP. European and UK patent autorney.

Dr. Peo Hansson

Board Member

Internationally experienced CEO, President, and Sr. VP of leading technology and semiconductor equipment companies. Board member and startup investor.